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Is it too late for Dalyan !

I am currently in the process of revamping the website http://www.dalyanbirding.com , it’s looking a little dated, clunky and has many errors, but don’t hold your breath, I think this is going to take some time to sort. I am looking to remove some of the birding sites due to development around Dalyan and add a couple of new ones involving a days birding by car within my limit of a two and half hour journey in one direction , which makes for a long but enjoyable days birding.

I have talked in the past of having a ‘target bird’ list for visiting birders and have settled on a list of 24 birds that maybe achieved by visiting the sites proposed and at the times of the year suggested .I have also been researching birding sites suggested by others and I recently visited…

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Review | Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria

I second all this

The Soul-Food Scribble

Word of an unknown, small pizzeria cooking up some of the best pizzas the city has to offer is spreading like wildfire at the moment. With reputed quality and the most modest ofprices, Rudy’s Neapolitan pizzeria is  making quite a name for itself and even possibly, claiming the stake for the best pizza in town. The restaurant is nestled away in Ancoat’s pristine and up and coming cutting-room square, the square once in fact used to be the bustling Italian quarter of the city.The square is becoming somewhat of a gentrified social hub and gives an insight into what to expect from Ancoats, an area which is being dubbed as the ‘world’s first industrial suburb’. With a place like Rudy’s now situated in the square, the future seems bright.


My visit to Rudy’s was in fact my second, it was however, the first time I was able…

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